2nd Event Added -"Big Orin Swift Event" Coming to The Wine Room - Thur. Apr 18th

The Wine Room

As expected, the Orin Swift event sold out in just a few hours, so we have scheduled a 2nd event, for those who were not able to buy tickets.  The events this year will be a little different.  This year, we will feature 8 wines, PLUS a special surprise from the supplier.  You'll be able to taste Blank Stare Sav Blanc, Mannequin Chardonnay, 8 Yrs in the Desert, Slander P. Noir, Abstract Red Blend, Machete Red and Palermo Cab.  Some of these wines are highly allocated and will have very limited availability, but there will be special prices for those in attendance.  Please reserve your tickets early, as this event always sells out quickly. The Mystique of Orin Swift:  The story of Orin Swift is also the story of its founder, Dave Phinney.  Founded in 1998, Dave named the company Orin Swift.  "Orin" was his his father's middle name and "Swift" was his mother's maiden name.  Phinney started out in Florence, Italy where he spent a semester studying about wine and how it was made.  He became hooked!  After graduation and a part time job with Robert Mondavi, as a harvest worker, he started making wines of his own, that resonated with wine lovers.  Orin Swift wines are an expression of Dave Phinney's creative mastery, and every wine is a winner!  This is something not many winemakers can say.   

From the Fromage Cave:  To enhance the enjoyment of these amazing wines, there will be a special selection of artisan cheeses, selected by Max McCalman. These cheeses will also be available to purchase.  In addition, there will be special "event night only" prices on the wines featured tonight!

Click Here to Purchase Tickets! Tickets are expected to sell out quickly

Please purchase your tickets early!

Cancellations must have 48 hrs notice.

No refunds for no-shows!

$ 50.00

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